More frequently the question of using "generic" or "compatible" product has become a factor in doing business.

Following are a few things that Toshiba feels you should know prior to combating the generic markets.

  • Toshiba supplies are specifically designed to work in Toshiba products.
  • All Toshiba products are vigorously tested prior to being distributed to dealer channels.
  • Toshiba ensures the highest-quality product that will work best with your equipment.
  • Many after-market suppliers label their products with "for use in Toshiba" or "compatible with" but may not be manufactured to Toshiba's demanding specifications and high quality standards.
  • Non-Toshiba-compliant toners and developers may cause higher consumption levels, causing low toner yields, dirty equipment and poor copy quality.
  • Toshiba cleaning blades are specifically designed to remove excess toner from sensitive drum surface. Improperly designed blades can damage drum and may result in improper image transfer.
  • Fuser rollers are designed to deliver proper amounts of heat and pressure to the media. Any variance in the amount of pressure or heat can result in wrinkled copies and unfused toners.
  • Your local authorized Toshiba dealer can help you find the right supplies for your Toshiba product.
  • The Toshiba Quality Commitment Guarantee is void on equipment that uses generic supplies.
  • Toshiba is only able to guarantee their equipment when it is maintained with original Toshiba supplies and parts.
  • Because Toshiba supplies and parts have undergone such stringent qualification processes and are proven to work best with our systems, we are unable to guarantee the quality of the system without their use.
  • Toshiba supplies and parts undergo stringent qualifications and are designed to work best with our systems. We are unable to guarantee the quality of the system without their use.


  • Many Toshiba customers will be approached or called upon by fraudulent telemarketers (a.k.a. toner phoners) who may mislead you into buying toner or other office supplies at outrageously inflated prices.
  • To avoid being "scammed," watch out for unfamiliar callers who may pose as your regular supplier; an offer you must act on today; a caller who may ask for a credit card, copier system serial number, or even your social security number. Always ask for a written offer and make sure the exact quantity is specified.
  • If you have been victimized by a fraudulent telemarketer, report the crime to either your State Attorney General's office, or contact the Federal Trade Commission via their website Or contact Toshiba at (949) 462-6993 and we will report the crime for you. By reporting the crime, you can help law enforcement offices prosecute fraudulent telemarketers.
  • Please click on the link below which gives hints related to company references and key tactics that we are finding that these fraudulent companies commonly utilize along with steps to take to avoid office supply fraud. Click to view the link


  • Toshiba understands the importance of a better environment and has a strong commitment to the effective use of natural resources, reduction of energy consumption and environmental protection worldwide.
  • Many of our toner and developer containers are now comprised of an average of at least 25% recycled plastics by weight. These black-colored containers signify recyclability and natural recycling.
  • Many of our copier toner containers are marked with the proper recycling code for sorting at the recycling center and can be recycled locally.
  • Toshiba offers a Toner Cartridge Recycling Program for our Toshiba printers. Under this program, the customer can return the empty cartridge for recycling using a prepaid mailing label contained in the box.
  • It is our intention to recycle all Toshiba cartridges but presently some cartridges cannot be recycled using current processes.Please check with a local recycler to recycle or dispose of those supplies in the most environmentally-friendly way.
  • Most Toshiba copiers use organic photoconductors which are non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • All of our stands have a powder-coat finish which contains no solvents. This means that during application, no dangerous fumes are emitted, and any overspray from the powder is 98% reclaimed into the system.