e-BRIDGE Re-Search

  • eDiscovery and Records Management Software Solution 
    A fully distributed, cross-platform, software solution that makes compliance with eDiscovery orders simple. e-BRIDGE Re-Search manages data where it is on the network regardless of the operating system(s), computer manufacturer(s), storage devices, storage medium, security policies, etc. e-BRIDGE Re-Search allows users to perform a totally federated search across an entire computer infrastructue, identify files and group them relationally for future use.
  • Seamless integration with existing network security models 
  • No new file server, application server, storage server or network appliance required 
  • Manage data wherever it is located without centralization schemes 
  • Fully distributed system - manage your data anywhere, on any platform across the entire network
  • Rapid search using keywords, filenames, file types and metadata 
  • Use Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs to add metadata for indexing 
  • Active monitoring, real time indexing - not backup 
  • Search offline volumes and archives 
  • Place "HOLDS" on email and other documents for e-Discovery compliance. 
  • Easily view or modify file metadata to identify potential risks or exposures 

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