WebCRD is a web-based job submission program that automates print job submission to a central printing department.  Users are guided through the submission process and the jobs are then automatically submitted directly to the print center accompanied by a job ticket.  Operators can print, finish and deliver jobs without having to track down any information.  Single-screen ticketing for the fastest submission in the industry, Approval Authority to control cost and content of orders and Variable Data Template Based Ordering are just some of the features that make WebCRD the choice for enterprise printing.  SurePDF, a genuine Adobe-based PDF Print Driver ensures 100% document fidelity, supporting all fonts and applications on PCs or Macs.  The Production Dashboard offers details for forecasting use of paper stock and supplies.

  • Automated job submission and ticketing via the Internet
  • Enterprise-class portal to the print center
  • Real-Time enterprise authentication
  • HTTPS/SSL secure sockets layer transmission
  • Approval Authority
  • Variable data and template-based ordering
  • Advanced job cost estimating
  • MultiLingual support
  • Electronic job status
  • Single screen ticketing
  • Electronic ticketing with JDF support
  • Catalog ordering

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