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Controlling Access

Department Codes are private pre-set codes that give authorized users full functionality at the device, allowing them to copy, print, fax, and scan. In addition to controlling access, Department Codes provide valuable data tracking and usage information, which allows network administrators to easily track and view the volume and type of jobs being produced by each department or user.

Network Authentication provides an additional means of control via the network. Ideal for larger scale installations with numerous users, network administrators can control access at the device in the same manner that they control network access from the desktop. Users are required to input their network user name and password to gain access to the control panel. Network Authentication can also be used in conjunction with Role Based Access Control (RBAC) which allows the administrator to control access to specific functionality by individual user. (i.e. copy, print, scan, fax)

SmartCard Authentication offers extensive security features designed to eliminate unauthorized operation and reduce costs and downtime. By utilizing a streamlined, single point of entry, SmartCard Authentication facilitates the user log-in process by requiring a card swipe instead of typing a User Name and Password. You control who has authorization, thereby maintaining cost efficiency and security.

Private Print offers complete control of print output by requiring users to input a password to initiate their printout. Private Print is ideal when printing confidential information by preventing other people from accidentally or intentionally picking up the wrong print job. Toshiba has made this process even more flexible by giving users the option to either print private documents individually, or to print multiple private documents at one time.

Secure PDF provides control and protection for scanned documents sent to Email and network folders. With Secure PDF, users can assign a password to a scanned document that controls access to viewing, printing, editing and copying its content. Furthermore, up to 128-bit encryption can be applied to ensure it is stored safely. Usage Limitations can be set for copy and print jobs, in addition to black/white and color output limitations.

Usage limitations allow the administrator to control and track output at the device. This also adds an additional level of security to control access to the device, and provides enhanced visibility to help track and control costs associated with the device’s use.

Strong Passwords negate the effectiveness of password detection tools that can crack passwords instantaneously. Toshiba employs a ten-digit alphanumeric administrative password and a log-on limitation of up to three attempts. This process helps foil attempts to crack the administrativepassword by making it more difficult to ascertain, and disabling log-on privileges after three failed attempts.

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