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Securing Communication

Securing Communication – Keeping the Flow of Data Safe

IPv6 - commonly known as the next generation Internet Protocol— is the latest version of IP. With the introduction of IPv6 come several new features that address IP security needs, such as a larger IP address range, protection from scanning and attacks, and built-in support for authentication and confidentiality. Toshiba supports IPv6 as part of our ongoing commitment to meeting your current and future network needs.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol widely used on the Internet to provide secure communications for transfer of personal information. MFP devices employ this common encryption technology to protect all data traveling to and from the MFP. Print jobs sent via SSL are encrypted through symmetric cryptography, ensuring that the print data is secure and will not be used for any purpose other than print output.

IP Filtering acts like a firewall to protect your internal network from intruders. IP filtering lets you control what IP traffic to allow into and out of your network by filtering data from specified network addresses. MFP devices utilize this mechanism as a means of controlling which computers have access to its network functions.

SMB Signing adds a digital signature to data transferred between the MFP and the server during network authentication. The signatures verify that the identity of the server matches the credentials expected by the MFP, and vice versa. By verifying that data is received from authenticated sources, the signature ensures the integrity of all communications.

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