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Data Integrity

Protection of Data Integrity – A Deep Cleaning for Your MFP Devices

Toshiba has several options to protect both the integrity of the hard disk drive and your network data, depending upon the type of security required. The optional Scrambler Board provides security for data stored on the hard drive of the device, while the Data Overwrite Kit offers complete erasure of data after each job.

Toshiba Scrambler Board is an optional component that features 128-bit encryption and decryption of alldata being written to the hard disk drive of the device. This includes all copy, print, fax, and scan information for every document processed on the multifunction device. Toshiba’s 128-bit encryption utilizes the Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm.

Toshiba Data Overwrite Kit is a security option that completely overwrites all information on the hard driveafter every job. It works by deleting all data within the File Allocation Table (FAT) partition, in addition to overwriting theactual data.

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