Global Services Portal

An easy-to-use online procurement and support site personalized for your business, agency, or institution

Placing Account Management Firmly in Your Control

Toshiba’s acclaimed National Account Management program offers complete service and support for all products after purchase, maximizing your control of fleet operations. To assure you of a timely and efficient response to all of your needs, the program provides you with a central point of contact to manage all support and service issues. With access to Toshiba’s extensive support infrastructure of service management, technical support, and supplies, your central point of contact is able to deliver the right solution.

Global Services Portal Keeps You in Touch 24/7

An integral component of account management is the Global Services Portal (GSP), a multi-level online resource that offers you full access to a user-friendly, self-service website fully protected by a roles-based secure access system. Providing you with total fleet-wide visibility 24/7/365, spend management, expense control, and contract management, GSP operate within the parameters of your workflow approval process and offers a variety of flexible payment options. The Portal enables you to custom tailor content features such as branding, bulletin boards, user training documents, and unique product catalogs, offering comprehensive information on a wide range of products and contact information.

Proven Strategies Enhance Visibility on All Levels

Companies operating in multiple locations often experience a lack of visibility, especially in the area of purchasing. Toshiba decisively address visibility issues, allowing you to track device use, buy more efficiently, and better control service issues.

Toshiba delivers measurable visibility improvements through the utilization of four proprietary tools – Service Dispatch, Remote Meter Collection, Fleet Monitoring, and Detailed Asset Data, each providing customer with significant increases in asset management control.

Custom Reports Simplified

GSP gives you the flexibility to generate both standard and ad hoc reports. Relevant data is organized in three report types – Company-Wide, Per Site, or Per Model – and include information regarding Population, Usage, Service History, and Total Cost of Ownership, providing customers with a single source of easily accessible data.